The Babylon Sidedoor Submission Guidelines for Flash, haibun, tanka story, Creative Non-Fiction (CNF)


The Babylon Sidedoor: 

A Platform for Flash, haibun/tanka story, CNF
Alan Summers

Submission Window
January 1st - December 31st 2022 
(rolling basis)

Send only one piece per month
(whether new and unpublished, or revised and unpublished)

Unpublished work only
500 word count maximum 

All words in the piece count as part of the word count: 
title, prose, poems

Send Either:

haibun (prose+haiku)
tanka story (prose with tanka)
Flash Fiction
Creative Non-Fiction (CNF)

Submissions should be in one .doc or .docx attachment
Babylon Sidedoor aims to provide a response within two weeks of receipt.
Copyright of the submitted piece remains with each author.
Whether Accepted or Declined:
You can submit new or revised/edited haibun/Flash/tanka story/CNF once each calendar month which counts as your one piece a month submission, so choose or revise wisely.
Submission email:
Alan Summers <>
Babylon Sidedoor:
I look forward to submissions in the New Year and throughout 2022!


Alan Summers
founder, and editor-in-chief, The Babylon Sidedoor

An extra bonus for the haibun genre (haiku/senryu+prose):

The Haiku Reader 2022 anthology can receive haiku nominations from haibun:


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